Connecting the Network of Networks for Enhanced Communications and Training

CONNECT provides a gateway and collaboration space for IAEA-sponsored networks, also called international communities of practice, to support capacity building in our Member States, increasing the participation of individuals and organizations involved in them, and making available additional sources of information which complement existing training.

    The content is provided by the participants in the various networks. As of October 2014, these communities include:
  • bDN - Database for beta-Delayed Neutron Emission
  • CGULS - on uranium legacy sites
  • DISPONET - on low level radioactive waste disposal
  • ENVIRONET - on environmental remediation
  • ICT - on instrumentation and control systems
  • IDN - on decommissioning
  • LABONET - on radioactive waste characterization
  • MSN - on nuclear management systems
  • NKM - on nuclear knowledge management
  • NNE - on nuclear education
  • SFM - on spent nuclear fuel management
  • URF - on geological disposal

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