Environet is the Network on Environmental Management and Remediation of the IAEA.

It is aimed at facilitating the sharing and exchange of knowledge and experience amongst organizations and professionals involved with environmental remediation programmes.

It constitutes a forum in which expertise, advice and technical guidance are provided. Additional objectives of the ENVIRONET are:
* Coordinate support to organizations or Member States by making available the relevant skills, knowledge, managerial approaches and expertise, related to environmental management and remediation
* Offer a broad and diversified range of training and demonstration activities with a regional or thematic focus providing hands-on, user-oriented experience and disseminating proven technologies
* Facilitate sharing and the exchange of knowledge and experience amongst organizations with advanced environmental management and remediation programmes, in pursuit of good practices, identifying and treating improper past operations and ensuring longer term knowledge management in support of public and environmental protection and site monitoring

The content is provided by the participants in the Environet network.

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Last Resource Update : 2011

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