Global Network of Isotopes in Precipitation and Isotope Hydrology Information System

The GNIP is an interesting tool for climatological (interpretation of paleorecords), atmospheric (validation of global circulation models) and hydrological (large regional and global scale water balances) studies.

The ISOHIS database allows the gathering, storage and dissemination of isotope, chemical, hydrogeological and geographical data of water studies around the world.

The primary source of information for ISOHIS is the IAEA archives (technical co-operation and research contract projects). At the end of 2000, the two databases were combined in a common website called GNIP / ISOHIS in order to facilitate the development and maintenance of the Internet site which offers one source for all isotope hydrology data.

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Last Resource Update : 2011

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Nuclear Sciences and Applications | NAPC - Isotope Hydrology Section

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