Neutron Metrology File

The Neutron Metrology File (NMF-90) [1,2] is an integrated database for performing neutron spectrum adjustment (unfolding) calculations.

It contains 4 different adjustment codes, the dosimetry reaction cross section library IRDF-90/NMF-G with covariance files, 6 input data sets for reactor benchmark neutron fields and a number of utility codes for processing and plotting the input and output data.

DEMO module contains a sample problem and its solution with all the programs involved in the NMF-90 (DEMO), furthermore, reference data sets for the benchmark neutron fields of the REAL-88 exercise.

IRDF-90 module contains the cross section library (IRDF-90/NMF-G).

STANYL, MIEKE, and LSL modules contain software packages and utility programs for neutron spectrum adjustment and subsequent radiation damage exposure parameter calculations. Each of these modules provides a complete neutron metrology calculation for radiation damage purposes: they start with cross section data processing (except LSL), perform neutron spectrum adjustment by the generalized least squares method and terminate in radiation damage exposure parameter calculation.

The cross section library IRDF-90/NMF-G included as a separate module in NMF-90 is applied by the modules STAYNL and MIEKE. The program LSL has its own master library based on IRDF-85 data.

The modules STAYNL and LSL have been written in standard Fortran77. The module MIEKE applies Microsoft Fortran77 compiler specific extensions, therefore, it can run only in that case if Microsoft run-time libraries are available. Mathematical coprocessor is strongly recommended.

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Last Resource Update : 2006


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NAPC - Nuclear Data Section

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Evaluated Data Library

adjustment codes, dosimetry reaction, benchmark neutron fields, neutron spectrum adjustment