Basic Professional Training Course on Nuclear Safety

The Basic Professional Training Course on Nuclear Safety (BPTC) is intended to provide a broad overview of all the safety concepts and their application to nuclear power plants and research reactors design and operation.

Its nature and scope are primarily oriented to junior professionals recently involved in nuclear safety-related activities.

It is also appropriate for highly specialized professionals who lack a broader view of nuclear safetyThis textbook supports the IAEA Basic Professional Training Course on Nuclear Safety. In addition, it is also aimed at assisting nuclear regulatory bodies, operating organizations and technical support organizations of Member States in setting up their own training activities in the area of nuclear safety.

The Course is made up of 22 modules and is designed to run six to nine weeks.

The audience targeted by the course are professionals who work in regulatory bodies for nuclear safety and who oversee nuclear power plants and professionals in organizations that operate and provide technical support to plants. These professionals are supposed to have duties and responsibilities in the field of nuclear safety.

This textbook is the instruction source for course lecturers and provides background material for participants.

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Nuclear Safety

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Nuclear Safety and Security

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