Computer Index of Neutron Data

Bibliographic references to measurements, calculations, reviews, and evaluations of neutron cross-sections and other microscopic neutron data. References to computer libraries of numerical neutron data.

CINDA Database, the Computer Index of Neutron Data, contains bibliographical references to measurements, calculations, reviews and evaluation of neutron cross-section and other microscopic neutron data, and spontaneous fission data. It includes also index references to computer libraries of numerical neutron data available from four regional neutron data centres.

The compilation of CINDA is the result of a world-wide co-operation involving the following four data centres. Each centre is responsible for compiling the CINDA entries from literature published in a defined geographical area given in brackets below:

  • The USA National Nuclear Data Centre at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA (United States of America and Canada).
  • The Russian Nuclear Data Centre at the Fiziko-Energeticheskij Institut, Obninsk, Russian Federation (former USSR countries).
  • The NEA Data Bank in Paris, France (OECD member countries in Western Europe and Japan).
  • The IAEA Nuclear Data Section in Vienna, Austria (all other countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Central and South America; also IAEA publications and translations journals).

  • The current contents of the CINDA data base can be accessed on-line. Furthermore, a CINDA book is published annualy by the IAEA as cumulative issue, containing literature published after 1987, supplemented by an Archival Issue for publications before that date.

    Since 1999, the CINDA file is also available on CD-ROM (together with user-friendly search options), which is produceed annualy by the NEA Data Bank, and presently accompanies the CINDA book.

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    NAPC - Nuclear Data Section

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    Bibliographic Data

    Bibliographic database, index of neutron cross sections and nuclear data quantities, nuclear data, nuclear codes

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