ENSDF Analysis and Utility Programs

ENSDF Analysis and Utility programs (ALPHAD, LOGFT, etc.)

The National Nuclear Data Center maintains and distributes various programs in support of the International Atomic Energy Agency sponsored Nuclear Structure and Decay Data Network. These programs generally use as input files in the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF) format.[1]

The files may also be obtained by anomymous ftp from iaeand.iaea.org.

With the exceptions of COMTRANS and ENSDAT, each program, associated test input and output files, and documentation is contained in its own subdirectory. If the source code is ANSI-standard FORTRAN77, it will also reside in this subdirectory with an FOR extension. Below this, subdirectory will be up to three subdirectories:

ANS - If the program contains FORTRAN-77 extensions, the ANSI version of the source code resides here. VAX - OpenVMS executable and source code if there are FORTRAN-77 extensions WIN - Windows 95/98 executable and source code (Compaq/Digital Visual Fortran) if there are FORTRAN-77 extensions

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NAPC - Nuclear Data Section

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Computer codes

ENSDF codes, nuclear structure, decay data, mass chain evaluation