Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File

The ENSDF database contains evaluated nuclear structure and decay information for over 2900 nuclides. The file is updated on a continuous basis. New evaluations are published in Nuclear Data Sheets.

The database contains evaluated data for half-lives, properties of ground and excited states of all nuclides and their decay characteristics. The database is used for production of the journal "Nuclear Data Sheets" and different application oriented files and libraries.

Master file of the ENSDF database is stored and regularly updated at the the National Nuclear Data Center, BNL, USA. The data compilation and continuous update of database content is done through the data exchange in the network of nuclear structure and decay data centres. The Web access to the database, additional to the Telnet access existed earlier, was open in December 1999. NUDAT retrieval program provides user friendly interface to the ENSDF data.

IAEA Nuclear Data Section (NDS) coordinates the International Network of Nuclear Structure and Decay Data (NSDD)Evaluators by holding biennial meetings. NSDD evaluations for separate nuclides and mass chains of the nuclides prepared by the evaluators are introduced in the ENSDF database at the National Nuclear Data Center, BNL, USA for online access and published in the Nuclear Data Sheets journal .

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Last Resource Update : 2012


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NAPC - Nuclear Data Section

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Codes and Numerical Data

nuclear structure data, decay data, mass chain evaluation

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