International Database on Insect Disinfestation and Sterilization

Provides information on the doses of radiation applied for these purposes to mites and insect pests of crops and veterinary and human importance. It includes data on both the doses required for the phytosanitary irradiation (disinfestation) of fresh and durable commodities infested with specific pests, and also the radiation doses used to induce sterility (sterilization) in target pests.

Information on disinfestation and sterilization, where available, is shown together for each pest species and is accessed through a single search function. IDIDAS entities follow a formal classification of pests descending from Class through Order, Family and Genus to Species and may be accessed through a Taxonomic Tree.

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Last Resource Update : August 2013

Insect Pest Control, Food Irradiation, Food and Environment

Organizational Source
NAFA - Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture

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Reference Material

Sterile Insect Technique, area-wide, Integrated Pest Management, Food & Agriculture, insect pest control, insect mass rearing, insect sterilization, phytosanitary irradiation, disinfection, food safety, Food Irradiation, Food and Environment

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