International Nuclear Information System

The International Nuclear Information System (INIS) was established in 1969 by the IAEA, in collaboration with interested Member States and some international organizations.

The main objective of INIS is to provide access to information on scientific literature on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy published world-wide. INIS operates under special membership arrangements that set specific duties and privileges of each Member State or international organization. There are currently over 150 INIS members.

The INIS collection is freely available world-side since 2009. It offers online access to over 3.5 million bibliographic references and 400,000 full-text documents. It includes references and abstracts of journal articles, scientific and technical reports, conference papers, books, patents, nuclear laws, regulations, theses and web documents.

The scope of the INIS collection covers all areas of activities of the IAEA, including nuclear engineering and technology, nuclear safety and radiation protection, safeguards and non-proliferation, applications of nuclear and isotope techniques, nuclear and high energy physics, nuclear and radiation chemistry, nuclear applications in life sciences, legal aspects, and environmental and economic aspects of nuclear and non-nuclear energy sources.

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Resource Characteristics
Quality LevelExplanation of Terms
  • Authoritative: All information in the resource has been verified by authorities as indicated.
  • Quality-checked: All information in the resource has been quality-checked as indicated.
  • Not quality-checked: Although the information in the resource may come from peer-reviewed journals or other high-quality sources, it has not undergone subsequent quality checking before incorporation in the resource.
: Authoritative - information is confirmed with authoritative national contact points
CompletenessExplanation of Terms
  • Comprehensive:The resource includes all items in the category for which the resource was created.
  • Selective: The resource includes only selected items in the category for which the resource was created, with the process or basis for the selection as indicated.
: Comprehensive - it includes over 3.5 million bibliographic records and over 400 000 full-text documents
Update FrequencyExplanation of Terms
  • Updated continually: A conscientious effort is made to add new information immediately and keep the resource up-to-date on a day-by-day basis.
  • Updated periodically: The resource is updated on a schedule. Common values are monthly, quarterly, annually or biennially, but others are also used.
  • Updated occasionally: The resource is updated now and then, but not on a schedule.
  • Static: The resource is a one-off creation with no plans for updates, or a resource that was updated in the past but has now been frozen with no new input planned.
: Continually

Last Resource Update : October 2013

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NE - Nuclear Information Section

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Energy, Nuclear engineering and technology; Nuclear safety and radiation protection; Nuclear security; Safeguards and non-proliferation; Applications of nuclear and isotopic techniques; Sciences relevant to nuclear research and other applications; Nuclear and high energy physics; Radiation chemistry; Legal aspects; and Environmental and economic aspects of nuclear and non-nuclear energy sources

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