International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale

The International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES) is a tool for promptly communicating to the public in consistent terms the safety significance of reported nuclear and radiological incidents and accidents, excluding naturally occurring phenomena such as radon.

The scale can be applied to any event associated with nuclear facilities, as well as the transport, storage and use of radioactive material and radiation sources.

To access this INES collaboration workspace under the GNSSN system, please register on NUCLEUS first and then send an email providing your username, full name, organization, country and justification for requesting access to GNSSN Contact Point.

If you require further information and help to register, please visit GNSSN Registration Instructions.

The INES workspace at GNSSN provides information on latest developments of the INES system. INES National Officers and alternates, as well as members of the INES Advisory Committee and members of working groups related to INES activities share a restricted collaboration space for sharing and reviewing documents, discussions, etc.

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Last Resource Update : 2010 - Jun

Regulatory Safety Infrastructure

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Nuclear Safety and Security | NS - Incident and Emergency Centre

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