International Reporting System for Operating Experience

The International Reporting System for Operating Experience (IRS) is an international system through which thirty-one participating countries exchange experience to improve the safety of nuclear power plants by submitting event reports on unusual events considered important for safety.

The aim of the IRS is to increase the effectiveness in analysing and communicating operational safety experience.

The IRS is for use, within each participating country, by organizations professionally involved in the nuclear industry, such as: regulators, utilities, NPP staff, technical support, vendor companies (design firms, engineering contractors, manufacturers, etc.), research establishments or technical universities working in the nuclear field.

Timely feedback of operating experience provides information on events useful in preventing similar occurrences at other plants. Shared experience is valuable in determining actions to be taken to mitigate the potential consequences of discovered design or operating weaknesses should an event occur. The lessons learned may also be incorporated into new designs for future generations of nuclear power plants.

As of 2006, the reports are accessible through the Web Based Incident Reporting System (WB IRS). Only the IRS National Coordinator for each member country can decide access to the IRS database.

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