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Evaluated neutron reaction data (Maslov et al.)


Nuclear data file by V.M. Maslov et al includes evaluated neutron reaction data for Th-232, Pa-231,233,U-232, 233, 234, 238, Np-238, Pu-238, Pu-242, Am-241, 242-g, 242-m, 243, Cm-243, 245, 246 in ENDF-6 format.

The data is available from the IAEA Nuclear Data Section, costfree upon request.
2003-2004 updates include new evaluations for Th-232 Pa-231, 233 and U-232, 233, 234, 238 isotopes.

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Last Resource Update : 2011 - Apr (Files updated)


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NAPC - Nuclear Data Section

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Evaluated Data Library

evaluated neutron reaction data library

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