Net Enabled Waste Management Database

The Net Enabled Waste Management Database (NEWMDB) contains information on national radioactive waste management programmes, plans and activities, relevant laws and regulations, policies and radioactive waste inventories.

NEWMDB contains a representation of the waste management infrastructure of each Member State, data on storage, processing, disposal, significant milestones in programme and facility development/life-cycle, yearly information on trends, data on laws, regulations and regulatory authorities, licensees, facility location information, planned and existing capacities, waste volumes in storage and disposed, and other information relevant to radioactive waste management.

Most major and minor nuclear programmes are represented.

Currently the system includes about 4 years of inventory data. At present, 61 Member States have nominated Country Coordinators; about 40 Member States regularly contribute data via the online system. The submissions represent about 70% of the worldwide NPP energy production. The online data submission is permanently open for Member States.

Data submissions to NEWMDB are requested and conducted annually.

National Contact Persons (Country Coordinators) are officially designated by Member States.

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