Nuclear Medicine Database

The IAEA maintains a register of the Nuclear Medicine facilities and the status of nuclear medicine practice around the world. To access this information, please consult NUMDAB.

The NUclear Medicine DAtaBase (NUMDAB) is continuously updated, based on replies to questionnaires circulated by the IAEA among its Member States.

It includes data on facilities, equipment (gamma cameras, PET scanners, cyclotrons, Gamma probes, thyroid uptake systems and densitometers), human resources (technologist, nuclear medicine physicians, medical physicists, radiopharmacists and other scientists working in the nuclear medicine field), radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals used, radionuclide therapy and nuclear medicine procedures performed at the facilities.

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Resource Characteristics
Quality LevelExplanation of Terms
  • Authoritative: All information in the resource has been verified by authorities as indicated.
  • Quality-checked: All information in the resource has been quality-checked as indicated.
  • Not quality-checked: Although the information in the resource may come from peer-reviewed journals or other high-quality sources, it has not undergone subsequent quality checking before incorporation in the resource.
: Quality and validity of information verified through active consultation with participants through peer recommendation, among others.
CompletenessExplanation of Terms
  • Comprehensive:The resource includes all items in the category for which the resource was created.
  • Selective: The resource includes only selected items in the category for which the resource was created, with the process or basis for the selection as indicated.
: Selective - Information provided on a voluntary basis by Nuclear Medical Centres operating in Member States
Update FrequencyExplanation of Terms
  • Updated continually: A conscientious effort is made to add new information immediately and keep the resource up-to-date on a day-by-day basis.
  • Updated periodically: The resource is updated on a schedule. Common values are monthly, quarterly, annually or biennially, but others are also used.
  • Updated occasionally: The resource is updated now and then, but not on a schedule.
  • Static: The resource is a one-off creation with no plans for updates, or a resource that was updated in the past but has now been frozen with no new input planned.
: Continually

Last Resource Update : 2012

Human Health and Medicine

Organizational Source
Nuclear Sciences and Applications | NAHU - Division of Human Health

Data Type
Research and Development

Cancer, Human Health, Nuclear medicine; positron emission tomography; radioimmunotherapy; SPECT; PET Scanner; cyclotron; gamma probes; thyroid uptake; in vitro; scintigraphy; radionuclide; gammma cameras; single photon emission