Nuclear Wallet Cards

    Nuclear Wallet Cards present properties for ground and isomeric states of all known nuclides. Properties given are:
  • Spin and parity assignments
  • Nuclear mass excesses
  • Half-life, isotopic abundances
  • Decay modes

Appendices contain properties of elements, fundamental constants and other userful information. Nuclear Wallet Cards booklet is published by the National Nuclear Data Center and its electronic (current) version is periodically updated by Dr. Jagdish K. Tuli.

Nuclear Wallet Cards are distributed as a booklet as well as in PDA-adaptable Palm Pilot format, ASCII version is available upon request. A web-based version of Nuclear Wallet Cards provides search capabilities on ground and isomeric states level properties. For additional nuclear properties see NuDat 2.0.

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NAPC - Nuclear Data Section

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Nuclear Data Library

Half-life, isotopic abundances, Spin and parity assignments, nuclides, Nuclear mass excesses, Decay modes, ground and isomeric states