IAEA Photonuclear Data Library

Cross sections and spectra up to 140MeV

The library contains recommended evaluated photonuclear data for 164 isotopes for incident photons (gamma rays) with energies mostly up to 140 MeV. The library includes cross sections and emission spectra in the ENDF-6 format and it is suitable for Monte Carlo transport calculations.

A list of corrections introduced by the Nuclear Data Section, as well as a list of errors that, for the time being, remain in the files, is given.
The results of test calculations with the library are presented here.

In addition to recommended data, the Library contains Other Files with evaluated photonuclear data from 6 national/laboratory libraries (BOFOD, CNDC, EPNDL, JENDL, KAERI and LANL).

The report IAEA-TECDOC-1178, Handbook of photonuclear data for applications: Cross sections and spectra, October 2000, IAEA Vienna, contains Description, including evaluation methodology and bibliography, Graphical Presentation available in PDF including comparison with experimental data , Index of Nuclei , and Atlas of GDR parameters.

A hardcopy in draft form, entitled "Handbook on photonuclear data for applications: Cross sections and spectra", is available (March 2000, 274 pages).

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Last Resource Update : 1999


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NAPC - Nuclear Data Section

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Evaluated Data Library

evaluated photonuclear data library, incident photons