The International Regulatory Network

The International Regulatory Network is the Portal for web-based international cooperation among nuclear safety and security regulators. RegNet supports national and international actors in sharing of regulatory knowledge, practices and information and in fostering collaboration on nuclear safety and security matters.

The objective is to contribute to the effectiveness of Nuclear Regulatory Systems and to continuous enhancements.RegNet is an information and collaboration platform and part of the Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network (GNSSN). The objective of the Regulatory Network is to achieve and promote radiation and nuclear safety and security by: ? Enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of international co-operation in the regulation of nuclear, radiation, transport and waste safety, and nuclear security, as well as preparedness and response to nuclear and radiological emergencies;?enabling adequate access for regulators to relevant safety and security information; ? Promoting dissemination of information on safety and security issues as well as information of good practices for addressing and resolving such issues; ? Enabling synergies among different web based networks to strengthen and enhance global nuclear safety regime to serve the specific needs of regulators and international organisations;providing additional information to the public on international regulatory cooperation in safety and security matters.

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Last Resource Update : August 2013

NPP operation, Nuclear waste, Reactor technology, Spent fuel management, Waste repositories, Accident response, Radiation protection, Regulatory safety infrastructure, Safety aspects of work on: Nuclear fuel/Radioactive sources/Radioactive wastes and on Uranium mining and milling, Safety in the transport of radioactive materials, Safety of nuclear installations, Training

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NS - Department of Nuclear Safety and Security

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?The International Regulatory Network, Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network (GNSSN), radiation, nuclear, safety, security, RegNet, networks, strengthen, enhance. global nuclear safety, regulators, international, organisations.

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