Reference Input Parameter Library

RIPL-3 is devoted to input parameters needed in calculations of nuclear reactions and nuclear data evaluations.

The numerical data and computer codes included in RIPL-3 are arranged in seven segments: MASSES contains ground-state properties of nuclei for about 9000 nuclei. DISCRETE LEVELS contains 117 datasets (one for each element) with all known level schemes, electromagnetic and y-ray decay probabilities available from ENSDF in October 2007.

NEUTRON RESONANCES contains average resonance parameters prepared on the basis of the evaluations performed by Ignatyuk and Mughabghab. OPTICAL MODEL contains 495 sets of phenomenological optical model parameters defined in a wide energy range.

LEVEL DENSITIES contains phenomenological parameterizations based on the modified Fermi gas and superfluid models and microscopic calculations which are based on a realistic microscopic single-particle level scheme.

GAMMA contains parameters that quantify giant resonances, experimental gamma-ray strength functions and methods for calculating gamma emission in statistical model codes. The experimental GDR parameters are represented by Lorentzian fits to the photo-absorption cross sections for 102 nuclides ranging from 51V to 239Pu.

FISSION includes global prescriptions for fission barriers and nuclear level densities at fission saddle points based on microscopic HFB calculations constrained by experimental fission cross sections.

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Last Resource Update : 2009 - Dec (Release date)


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NAPC - Nuclear Data Section

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Codes and Numerical Data

nuclear masses, deformations, matter densities, discrete levels and decay schemes, spacings of neutron resonances, optical model potentials, level density parameters, Giant Resonance parameters, gamma-ray strength-functions, and fission barriers