Research Reactor Database

The IAEA's Research Reactor Database (RRDB) contains administrative, technical and utilization information on over 670 research reactors including critical and sub-critical assemblies in 69 countries and the European Union.

The information in the database is updated directly by facility or national representatives officially nominated as facility data providers, reviewed and accepted by the IAEA. Reactor operators are asked to confirm only the general information for shut down reactors and to update the information on operational reactors and reactors under construction or planned.

While every attempt is made to ensure accuracy, the information in the database is only as good as that supplied to the IAEA.

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Last Resource Update : 2012

Chemistry and Materials | Physics

Organizational Source
Nuclear Sciences and Applications | NAPC - Physics Section

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Statistics and Forecasts

Research Reactors, Decommissioning, Test Reactors, Non-Power Reactors