Thermal Neutron Capture Gamma-rays

The energy and photon intensity of gamma rays as seen in thermal-neutron capture are presented in two tables, one in ascending order of gamma energy and second organized by Z, A.

In the energy-ordered table the three strongest transitions, are indicated in each case. The nuclide given is the target nucleus in the capture reaction.

Where the nuclide mass number is indicated as 'nat' the natural target was used. The gamma energies given are in keV. The gamma intensities given are relative to 100 for the strongest transition. All data for 19F and A>43 are taken from Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (1/99), a computer file of evaluated nuclear structure data maintained by the National Nuclear Data Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory, on behalf of the Nuclear Structure and Decay Data network, coordinated by the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna.

The data for A>43 are published in Nuclear Data Sheets, Academic Press, San Diego, CA. The data for A<=43 is taken from "Prompt Gamma Rays from Thermal-Neutron Capture", M. A. Lone, R. A. Leavitt, D. A. Harrison, Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables 26, 511 (1981), and the data for 19F are taken from D. Tilley, C. Cheves, J. Kelley, S. Raman, H. Weller, Nuclear Physics A636, 249 (1998).

This research was supported by the Division of Nuclear Physics,Office of High Energy and Nuclear Physics, US Department of Energy.

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