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Tephritid fruit flies are becoming increasingly important, due to the economic importance of many species and their threat to fruit and vegetable production and trade worldwide.

Consequently, a tremendous amount of information is made available each year as development of new technologies which complement the sterile insect technique, inherited sterility biological control as part of an area-wide approach using integrated pest management, and new information on their biology and ecology; new species identified, new outbreaks recorded and new operational control programmes launched. Because things are evolving so radily in this field, this database site helps to collect and share this information allowing each Tephritid fruit fly worker worldwide to keep up-to-date on the most revent developments.

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Last Resource Update : August 2013

Insect Pest Control, Food Irradiation, Food and Environment

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NAFA - Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture

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Sterile Insect Technique, Inherited Sterility, Biological control, Fruit-flies, mosquitoes, moths, screwworm flies, and tsetse flies, area-wide, integrated pest management, phytosanitary irradiation and sterilization

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