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Peer-reviewed publications & useful links

Preparation of test meals for studying the absorption of iron and zinc from biofortified pearl millet in India.

Publications with IAEA acknowledged or co-authored

Interesting nutrition websites

Interesting E-learning references

  • University of Southampton – nutrition courses: nutrition assessment, measuring nutritional status, malnutrition (definition and classification of malnutrition, how to identify children with malnutrition, how to manage children with malnutrition)
  • UNICEF: Programming for Infant and Young Child Feeding and Nutrition in Emergencies
  • Early Nutrition eAcademy: breastfeeding, nutrition and lifestyle during pregnancy, complementary feeding in infancy
  • London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Programming for Nutrition Outcomes: Master's-level module that explores the complicated problem of undernutrition, highlights its multi-sectoral causes and identifies potential programmatic solutions
  • The United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition: 23 modules in a "harmonized training package" (HTP). The HTP is primarily a resource for trainers in the NiE sector and it can be used by individuals to increase their technical knowledge of the sector. It is designed to provide trainers from any implementing agency or academic institution with information from which to design and implement a training course according to the specific needs of the target audience, the length of time available for training and according to the training objectives.
  • World Food Programme: Two courses on Basic Concepts in Nutrition and Nutrition Situation Analysis. DisasterReady.org is a free, easy to use online training resource designed to help prepare aid workers for the demands they face in the field.