There are two ways to search the NUCLEUS Portal:

  1. The NUCLEUS portal provides a powerful full-text search feature that will search through the Catalogue of Information Resources and also through the detailed content of many of the resources within NUCLEUS. To use the search, enter the text to be searched for in the Search NUCLEUS textbox at the top-right of any NUCLEUS Portal page. Click on the magnifying glass button or press Enter to run your search. A list of matching search results will be shown, with direct links to the web page or document that matched your search term.
  2. Second method is to use the predefined filters that are presented on the Search Catalogue page of NUCLEUS. To navigate to this page first open the Catalogue by clicking the Catalogue link on the main menu. Then click the Search Catalogue link in the menu on left-hand side of the page. The screenshot below shows the main features of the Search Catalogue form:

  3. To use this form:

    • Select any combination of Subject, Organizational Source and Data Type from the form.
    • Click the Browse button. A filtered list of Catalogue resources is shown that match your search criteria.