Sign In and Out

Sign In

IAEA users accessing NUCLEUS from the internal network are automatically signed in to NUCLEUS and do not need to follow these steps.

To sign in to NUCLEUS:

  • Click on the Sign In button in the top right-hand corner of any NUCLEUS portal page.
  • Enter your NUCLEUS Account username and password in the form and click the Sign In button at the bottom of the form.
  • Your username and password will be verified, and if these are correct you will be signed in to your NUCLEUS Account.

Problems Signing In

There are several reasons why a sign in attempt might fail:

The account credentials you have entered are incorrect: If your username and/or password are incorrect, then the sign in attempt will fail. After 10 failed sign in attempts for a particular username, the account will be temporarily locked out for twenty minutes. During this time it will not be possible to sign in, even with the correct credentials. This is done for security reasons, in order to discourage malicious attempts at password guessing. If you have forgotten your NUCLEUS username and/or password, see the instructions for Forgotten Credentials.

Your account has not been activated: If your NUCLEUS Account has not been activated, then it will not be possible to sign in. See the instructions on Account Registration and Activation and confirm that you have activated your account.

Your password has expired: By default, your NUCLEUS password will expire every 390 days and must then be changed. See Password Expiration for more information.

Your account has been disabled: Accounts may be disabled for security reasons. If the sign in error message indicates that your account is disabled, please Contact Us.

Sign out

If you have signed into NUCLEUS from a shared or public computer, you should sign out of your account when you have finished using NUCLEUS. To do this, simply click the Sign Out button in the top right-hand corner of any NUCLEUS portal page.