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NAME: What is the name of the community?

Women in Nuclear Bulgaria (WIN-Bulgaria)

PURPOSE: What is the purpose of the CoP?

Supporting and encourage women working in nuclear field. Promotion the understanding and public awareness of the benefits of nuclear and radiation applications .Encouragement of young generation to study and work in nuclear field. Contribution to sharing, transfer and promotion of nuclear knowledge

AREA OF INTEREST: Which of the following best describe the area in which the Community is interested?

Public acceptance (e.g. stakeholder consultations)

ACTIVITIES: What activities do the members engage in?

Connecting people; Promoting cooperation

STAGE: What life-cycle stages is the CoP concerned with?

nuclear energy promotion

SIZE: What is the size of the community?


AGE: How long has the community existed?

> 5 years

INTERACTION: How frequently do members interact?


LANGUAGE: What language does the community use?


COUNTRY: In which country is the community located?


REACH: What is the geographical reach of the community?


RESTRICTIONS: Are there restrictions to joining the community?

Open to all

SUBSCRIPTION: Is entry free to all or is a membership fee required?


QUALIFICATIONS: What are the requirements for joining?

Qualifications required

CONTACT DETAILS: Please provide contact details for the community:

WiN-Bulgaria, Kozloduy NPP
3321 Kozloduy, Bulgaria

WEBSITE: If you have a community or a showcase webpage, please provide its URL below:

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