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IAEA Communities of Practice Survey: Respond to this Survey

NAME: What is the name of the community?

PURPOSE: What is the purpose of the CoP?

AREA OF INTEREST: Which of the following best describe the area in which the Community is interested?
ACTIVITIES: What activities do the members engage in?
STAGE: What life-cycle stages is the CoP concerned with?
SIZE: What is the size of the community?
AGE: How long has the community existed?
INTERACTION: How frequently do members interact?

LANGUAGE: What language does the community use?
COUNTRY: In which country is the community located?
REACH: What is the geographical reach of the community?
RESTRICTIONS: Are there restrictions to joining the community?
SUBSCRIPTION: Is entry free to all or is a membership fee required?
QUALIFICATIONS: What are the requirements for joining?
CONTACT DETAILS: Please provide contact details for the community:

WEBSITE: If you have a community or a showcase webpage, please provide its URL below: