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Please select the meeting you participated in

12-16 August, CS to Review outputs of the Nuclear Knowledge Management School

Please rate the meeting preparation aspects

  Strongly disagree Neither agree nor disagree (neutral) Strongly agree 
I was given sufficient advance notice of the meeting 
I was given the background information and resource material I needed 
The meeting objectives were clearly defined 

Please rate aspects of the meeting itself

  Low Average High 
The meeting process was effective 
All participants contributed 
The meeting was facilitated effectively 
The meeting was of the right length 
The contributions of participants were captured 
Sufficient time was given to discussion and exploration of the issues 

Please rate the meeting outputs and follow up

  Strongly disagree  Neither agree nor disagree (neutral) Strongly agree 
The meeting produced meaningful, quality outputs and conclusions 
The meeting report was accurate and distributed in a timely manner 
Follow-up to the meeting was effective. Meeting actions were tracked and completed 

What did you like about the NKM meeting(s) you participated in:


What suggestions do you have to improve the future NKM meetings:


(OPTIONAL) If you wish to identify yourself as the source of the feedback and comments above please write your name. If you would like us to get back to you, please include your e-mail address.


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