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TWD : Glossary: allozyme




Allelic form of an enzyme (Krafsur, this volume). Allelic form of an enzyme that can be distinguished by electrophoresis, as opposed to the more general term isozyme (King et al. 2006). Any enzyme variant produced by a particular allele (Oxford 2006). Allozymes are a subset of isozymes. Allozymes are variants of enzymes representing different allelic alternatives of the same locus (Hoy 2003, King et al. 2006). A particular variant of an enzyme (Resh and Cardé 2003). Alternative enzyme forms encoded by different alleles at the same gene locus (Gordh and Headrick 2001). An allozyme differs in amino acid sequence from other forms of the same enzyme and is encoded by one allele at a single locus (NAL 2008). See ‘genetic marker’, ‘restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP)’, ‘randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD)’, ‘microsatellite’, ‘mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)’.


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