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TWD : Glossary: accessory gland


accessory gland


Any secondary gland of a glandular system (Resh and Cardé 2003, Gordh and Headrick 2001). A secretory organ associated with the reproductive system (Borror et al. 1989, Leak 1999, Wall and Shearer 1997). Glandular structure associated with the spermatheca that produces a material that accompanies the sperm during ejaculation (FAO/IAEA/USDA 2003). Male accessory gland = Secretory gland associated with the male reproductive tract that produces seminal fluid and the structural components of the spermatophore (Resh and Cardé 2003, Gordh and Headrick 2001). See ‘spermatheca’, ‘spermatophore’, ‘refractory’.


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