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Front Line Officer Network (FLO Network)

Effective nuclear security detection systems and measures help to ensure the prevention and deterrence of criminal or unauthorized acts with nuclear security implications involving nuclear and other radioactive material out of regulatory control. Equipping States and Front Line Officers (FLOs) such as police, customs, border guards, intelligence etc., with detection systems and measures, either through radiation detection instruments or information alert, helps these to implement effective detection activities within their States. Over the years, the IAEA, based on the needs of Member States, has been conducting a series of regional workshops to take stock of the progress achieved to date in global efforts to enhance effective implementation of detection systems and measures, examine current approaches and challenges in such efforts, and consider future directions through the identification of areas and measures for further collaborative efforts. Sharing of good practices and challenges in the area of planning, managing, implementing and sustaining detection systems and measures has stemmed out of a common request from States. The collective observations from these efforts resulted in the request to provide a platform for FLOs and their organizations for enhancing their roles in nuclear security detection. 
The objective of this network is to enhance the capabilities and effectiveness of FLOs and FLO organizations or institutions in the nuclear security detection architecture focused on, but not limited to, the following areas: 

  • Detection Strategy and Coordination
  • Detection Systems and Measures
  • Capacity Building and Sustainability 

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