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Catalogue of Information Resources

‚ÄčNUCLEUS provides access to over 130 online resources. Each of these resources is described in the Catalogue of Information Resources. To access the Catalogue, click the Catalogue link on the main menu on any NUCLEUS page.

The main Catalogue page is an alphabetical list of all of the resources in the Catalogue, with a short summary of each item. The screenshot below shows the main features of this page..

  • catalogue.PNG

  • Each resource has two links: Browse Site and View Details link.


  • Browse Site will directly open the actual web site of the resource. Some resources require specific permissions in order to be viewed. If this key icon key.PNG
    is shown beside the resource summary, then this particular resource is protected and requires the owner of the site to grant you access. If you try to access such a site without the appropriate permissions, an Unauthorised message will appear.
  • View Details will show the Catalogue page describing the resource. This page contains a detailed description of the resource, including its Quality Level, Completeness, Update Frequency and the date on which it was last updated.