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Resource Owner Help


As a resource owner you are able to edit the detailed description page of your resource.
To view and change your resource details, sign in to NUCLEUS and go to your resource page.

  • Click on the Settings button, which is the gear icon settings.PNG
  • and choose the Edit page option.setting.PNG

A drop down menu will appear on the top of the page. You can edit all details about your resource by scrolling down the page.
Some fields are free text, some are menu options from which you can choose the most applicable choice.

Adding an Image

  • To add an image for Catalogue, click on the link  as shown below, while in edit mode
  • On the next popup screen, click on "Browse" button


  • On the top of the next screen, click on "Click to add new item" to add a new image in the gallery.


  • Browse an image from the computer and Click on checkin to save the file in the gallery.
  • Select the same file from the gallery and insert it into the edited page.

Check in the page for approval

  • After you applied all changes, please select Check In.

check it - resource.PNG 

  • Click on "Submit" menu from the "Publish" tab of the ribbon as shown below and you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox


  •  As soon as the NUCLEUS product owner approves the page, your changes will be reflected on NUCLEUS.