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Marine Information System

The IAEA's Marine Information System is a relational database, based on GIS (Geographical Information System), covering the distribution of radioactive and stable isotopes, and in the near future also other tracers (organic compounds, trace metals) in the marine environment. MARIS also includes oceanographic parameters, such as seawater temperature, salinity and bathymetry. The database was developed in the Radiometrics Laboratory of the IAEA's Marine Environment Laboratory (IAEA-MEL) in Monaco. The map on the website shows the distribution of sites for which data on radionuclides in the World's oceans and seas were entered into the database.

Resource Information

Quality Level Quality-checked by the IAEA Secretariat on the bases of submitted data
Completeness Comprehensive
Update Frequency Periodically yearly
Last Resource Update 2011
Subject Environmental Sciences
Organizational Source Nuclear Applications
Data Type Directory
Keywords Water; Environment; trace metals; seawater; bathymetry; seawater temperature; particulate matter; marine; oceanographic parameters; biota; tracers; salinity; organic compounds; sediment; stable isotopes
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