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Nuclear Fuel Cycle Simulation System

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Simulation System (NFCSS), formerly known as VISTA, is a scenario-based computer model for the estimation of fuel cycle material, service requirements and actinide arisings. The NFCSS is a computer simulation system which uses simplified approaches to calculate the fuel cycle requirements.
The NFCSS web site provides a detailed description of the simulation system, an example scenario with results, and a simple calculation tool which can be used to calculate annual material flow in a selected nuclear fuel cycle option.

Resource Information

Quality Level Quality-checked by the IAEA Secretariat and contracted experts
Completeness Selective - the software includes all steps in the fuel cycle, but only for currently commercially viable fuel cycles and not in extreme detail
Update Frequency Occasionally
Last Resource Update 2010
Subject Nuclear Power
Organizational Source Nuclear Energy
Data Type Simulation System
Keywords Energy; Nuclear Fuel Cycle & Materials; Actinide Arisings; Nuclear Fuel Cycle Simulation; VISTA.; NFCSS; Minor Actinide Accumulation; Nuclear Fuel Cycle Modeling; Nuclear Fuel Cycle Requirements; Nuclear fuel cycle
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