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IAEA Nuclear Graphite Knowledge Base

The aim of this knowledge base is to support the preservation and sharing of expert knowledge and experience, across the international Graphite Community. The knowledge base contains two levels of knowledge: - General information on the subject of Nuclear Graphite - Specialist knowledge, secured for members of the international project

Resource Information

Quality Level Not quality checked
Completeness Selective - Effort is made to create a comprehensive database on Irradiated Nuclear Graphite but it might not cover all elements
Update Frequency Updated periodically
Last Resource Update April 2015
Subject Reactor Technology, Nuclear Data (cross sections, energies, etc)
Organizational Source Nuclear Energy
Data Type Nuclear Data Library
Keywords ​Irradiated Nuclear Graphite; Graphite; Nuclear Graphite; Graphite Properties; Irradiated Graphite; Graphite Knowledge Base; Irradiated Graphite Knowledge Base; Nuclear Graphite Knowledge Base
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Page Authors
REITSMA, Frederik
YASAR, Tufan