98 Isotope Production Facilities

This database contains 98 Research Reactors performing Isotope Production distributed over 43 Member States.
Note that this view includes Reactors of the following status:

Depending on the available neutron flux, a large number of isotopes can be produced: 24Na, 32P, 38Cl, 56Mn, 41Ar, 64Cu, 198Au, 90Y, 99Mo, 125I, 131I, 133Xe, 14C, 35S, 51Cr, 60Co, 89Sr, 153Sm, 169Yb, 170Tm, 192Ir, etc. Radioactive isotopes are used in medicine, industry, research, and other areas.

Left: Hot cells for radioisotope production in Korea (KAERI, Republic of Korea)
Right: Typical forms of isotopic radioactive sources (IAEA-TECDOC-1234).

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