15 Nuclear Data Measurements

This database contains 15 Research Reactors performing other Apllications distributed over 8 Member States.
Note that this view includes Reactors of the following status:

Research reactors have provided vast uses in the provision of nuclear data through utilization of their inherent capabilities for cross-section measurements, integral experiments, benchmarking and code validation analyses. Other fields in which nuclear data are needed relate to:

  • Testing of materials required for innovative facilities;
  • Evaluation of radioisotope production and their medical applications;
  • Simulation using computer software of radiation doses to patients and advanced cancer therapies;
  • Shielding experiments, mainly for neutron attenuation problems
  • Studies on transmutation of nuclear waste for safer disposal;
  • Improvement of analytical techniques adopted for cultural diagnostics and material composition analysis.
Research reactors continue to occupy a visibly important place in these areas of study and application, along with dedicated accelerator based neutron sources. Some cross-section measurements for very short lived and on-line produced radioactive targets nuclei are possible only at research reactor facilities, given the high neutron fluxes available at some reactors.

Set-up of the LOHENGRIN fission fragment separator at the H9 beam tube at ILL???s high flux reactor.
  • 2014: Compendium of Neutron Beam Facilities for High Precision Nuclear Data Measurements, IAEA TECDOC-1743; web access