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SRR Salaspils Research Reactor
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Reactor Type
Power Info
Therm Power Steady:
Therm Power Puls:
Max Flux SS, Thermal:
Max Flux Puls, Thermal:
Max flux SS, Fast:
Max Flux Puls, Fast:
Moderator Material: Coolant Material:
Reflector Material / No of Side
Control, Safety, Shutdown Rods Material/ Number
Maximum Excess Reactivity
Minimum Shutdown Margin
Nat Convection: Forced Cooling:
Cool Velocity in Core: Nominal: Flow Direction:
Emergency: Decay Heat Removal Means:
Storage Parameters
Note that the following Storage Parameters are maintained in the Section "Fuel Cycle & Inventory".
Pool/pond parameters monitored at Reactor
ParameterMonitoring frequencyTypical values
pH Weekly
5.5  - 6.5
Conductivity Weekly
1.5 µS/cm  - (n/a) µS/cm
Temperature Weekly
25 °C  - 30 °C
Activity Filtered continuously throgh resins.
Dry storage parameters monitored at Reactor
(no data specified)
Pool/pond parameters monitored away from Reactor
ParameterMonitoring frequencyTypical values
pH Weekly
Conductivity Weekly
Temperature Daily
Activity Hourly
Dry storage parameters monitored away from Reactor
(no data specified)
Means of Confinement
Ventilation Flow:    (m3/h)
Number of Filters: Charcoal  / HEPA 
Filter Efficiency: Charcoal:  %
HEPA: % of airborne particles of  (µm)
Filters Testing Efficiency: Charcoal  / HEPA 
Containment/Confinement Type:
Safety Related Documentation (Last Revision Date of:)
Safety Analyses Report:   Radiation Protection Plan:  
Operation Limits and Conditions (or equivalent documentation)   Decommissioning Plan  
Emergency Plan  
Plans and Changes
Power Increase:
Other Changes:
Instrumental Upgrade:
Other Information: