Pesticide Residue Methods

Category Others
Class Name Multiclass Pesticide Residues
Method Title The Pesticide Analytical Manual Vol. I, Appendix II. Protocols and Reporting Forms for Testing Chemicals through PAM I Multi-residues Methods.
Method Date 2009/05/20
Method Type Screening, Confirmatory, Quantitative
Scope and Application Appendix includes one protocol for determining GLC characteristics of chemicals and six protocols for testing their behavior through individual MRMs. Forms for reporting test results by each protocol are also included.
Method Summary Directions for testing a wide range of pesticide residues are outlined and a results reporting format presented.
Applicable Concentration Range Varying. See Chapters 1-4 in PAM I
QC Requirements See Chapters 1-4 in PAM I
Method Performance/Validation See Chapters 1-4 in PAM I
Method Source USFDA
Method SOP PDF icon SOP 
Citation USDA-FSIS Chemistry Laboratory Guidebook - Appendix II