Pesticide Residue Methods

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Class Name Pesticide Specific Enforcement Method, Bifenthrin
Method Title Residue Analytical Method for the Determination of Bifenthrin and 4'-Hydroxy Bifenthrin in/on Corn Matrices
Method Date 1992/05/18
Method Type Quantitative
Scope and Application Analysis for bifenthrin and related metabolite Analysis of corn matrices Can be used with minor modifications for most crop matrices GC-ECD Analysis and Detection
Method Summary The analytical method established for this study combined the two methods into one method which consists of an acetone blend, a liquid/liquid partition, a Florisil column clean-up, and a solid phase (Florisil) clean-up, which produces a bifenthrin fraction and a separate 4'-hydroxy fraction. Quantitation is performed by separate injections of each solution. Final sample solutions for each matrix are quantitated using a gas chromatograph equipped with a Megabore capillary column and an electron capture detector. The determination of method recovery is based on an external standard calibration.
Applicable Concentration Range Estimated LOQ: 0.02 - 0.05 mg/Kg
QC Requirements See Method
Method Performance/Validation See Method
Method Source EPA and FMC Corporation
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Citation FMC Corporation Method Number P-2550M