Pesticide Residue Methods

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Class Name Pesticide Specific Method, Boscalid and Kresoxim-methyl
Method Title Residue analysis of kresoxim methyl and boscalid in fruits, vegetables and soil using liquid liquid extraction and gas chromatography mass spectrometry
Method Date 2009/08/02
Method Type Quantitative
Scope and Application Analysis for boscalid and kresoxim-methyl residues Analysis of fruits vegetables and soil GCMS detection
Method Summary A GC MS procedure for simultaneously determining and validating kresoxim methyl and boscalid has been developed in fruit, vegetable and soil matrices. The method was based on one step liquid liquid extraction with acetone and dichloromethane solvents. Estimated limits of detection (LODs) for kresoxim methyl and boscalid were 0.006 and 0.015 mg/kg, and limits of quantification (LOQs) were 0.02 and 0.05 mg/kg, respectively. The intra and inter precision were achieved with RSD better than 13.8 and 14.5 pct, and recoveries were in the range of 77.1 to 98.7 pct for kresoxim-methyl and 72.8 to 105.1 pct for boscalid. The expanded uncertainties calculated at 0.1 mg/kg were below 18 pct. Concentration levels for residues of the two fungicides in melon samples from field trials collected 7 days after the last application were clearly below the established MRL values. Copyright 2009 John Wiley and Sons, Ltd.
Applicable Concentration Range Estimated LOQ: 0.02 mg/Kg for Kresoxim methyl Estimated LOQ: 0.05 mg/Kg for boscalid
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Citation Biomed. Chromatogr. 2010, Vol. 24, pp. 367 to 373. Copyright 2009 John Wiley and Sons, Ltd.