Pesticide Residue Methods

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Class Name Pesticide Specific Enforcement Method, Chlorpropham
Method Title Analytical Method for Magnitude of Residues in Stored Potatoes from Postharvest Treatments of Chlorpropham
Method Date 1994/08/11
Method Type Quantitative
Scope and Application For analysis of chlorpropham and its metabolites in potato matrices. Should be adaptable to most vegetable matrices.
Method Summary The following method describes a multi residue method for the determination of Chlorpropham and 3 Chloroaniline in potatoes, potato products and Canola cooking oil. The extraction uses a methanol water primary extraction solvent which is partitioned and incubated with methylene chloride. The post extraction solids are filtered and diluted with a pH 6 5 NaCl saturated phosphate buffer and sonnicated. The sonnicated mixture is partitioned with methylene chloride and combined with the first extract. The methylene chloride is evaporated in a stream of nitrogen and exchanged with n hexane for analysis by capillary gas chromatography with nitrogen phosphorous detector (GC NPD). The method has been validated for extraction of the parent compound and its 3 chloroaniline metabolIte In whole potato, potato peel, potato pulp, Canola oil, French fries with and without skins, potato chips with and without skins, processed dried peels, processed wet peels and dehydrated granules.
Applicable Concentration Range Estimated LOQ: 0.45 to 2.2 mg/Kg
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Method Source EPA
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Citation University of Idaho Analytical Sciences Laboratory, Moscow, Idaho 83844, U.S.A.