Pesticide Residue Methods

Category Others
Class Name Pesticide Specific Enforcement Method, Cyfluthrin
Method Title An Analytical Method for Determination of Cyfluthrin and beta-Cyfluthrin Residues in Various Crops
Method Date 1998/07/15
Method Type Quantitative
Scope and Application For analysis of cyfluthrin in crop matrices. Should work with most vegetable matrices.
Method Summary An aliquot of a well chopped sample is extracted with methanol:water. The filtered extract is concentrated to an aqueous phase, acidified, and partitioned against hexane. The hexane phase is. applied to a Florisil column, and the cyfluthrin or beta- cyfluthrin is eluted with hexane:acetone. The eluted cyfluthrin or beta cyfluthrin is further purified on a C18 reverse phase spe column. The cyfluthrin or beta-cyfluthrin is eluted from the spe column with acetone. The acetone is replaced with cyclohexane, and the cyclohexane solution is analyzed by gas chromatography mass spectrometry gc ms in selected ion monitoring sim mode. The ion at m/z 226 is used for quantitation.
Applicable Concentration Range Estimated LOQ: 0.1 mg per Kg
QC Requirements See Attached Method
Method Performance/Validation See Attached Method
Method Source U.S. EPA
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Citation Bayer Corporation Agriculture Division Research and Development Department, Bayer Research Park, 17745 S. Metcalf Ave. Stilwell, KS 66085. Bayer Report Number 108139