Pesticide Residue Methods

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Class Name Multi Residue Method
Method Title QuEChERS Methodology: AOAC Method (Restek)
Method Date 2014/01/01
Method Type Screening
Scope and Application Basic desctiption of QuEChERS method and description of reagents/consumables needed.
Method Summary Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, and Safe, the QuEChERS method is based on work done and published by Anastassiades et al. 1. QuEChERS was developed using an extraction method for pesticides in fruits and vegetables, coupled with a cleanup method that removes sugars, lipids, organic acids, sterols, proteins, pigments, and excess water. This technique offers a user friendly alternative to traditional liquid liquid and solid phase extractions. The process involves two simple steps. First, the homogenized samples are extracted and partitioned using an organic solvent and salt solution. Then, the supernatant is further extracted and cleaned using a dispersive solid phase extraction, dSPE technique. Restek products make this approach even simpler. We offer QuEChERS extraction and dSPE products in a variety of standard sizes and formats. The dSPE centrifuge tube format, available in 2 mL and 15 mL sizes contains magnesium sulfate, to remove residual water and, primary secondary amine (PSA) sorbent, to remove sugars and fatty acids. These tubes are available with or without graphitized carbon, to remove pigments and sterols and or C18 packing to remove nonpolar interferences, such as lipids.
Applicable Concentration Range See method and QuEChERS or AOAC method
QC Requirements See Method
Method Performance/Validation See Method
Method Source Restek (Innovative Chromatography Products)
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Citation QuEChERS Methodology: AOAC Method (from Restek)