Veterinary Drugs Residue Methods


Category Antibacterial substances, including sulfonamides and quinolones
Drug Class Name Aminoglycosides (AMG)
Method Title Confirmation of Aminoglycosides by HPLC-MS/MS
Method Date 2011/06/03
Method Type Screening, Confirmatory, Quantitative
Scope and Application This procedure is for the detection of aminoglycoside antibiotics (spectinomycin, hygromycin, streptomycin, dihydrostreptomycin, Amikacin, kanamycin, apramycin, tobramycin, gentamycin and neomycin) in bovine, porcine, and avian (poultry) liver, kidney, and muscle.
Method Summary Aminoglycoside (AMG) residues are extracted from tissue using buffer containing trichloroacetic acid as a protein precipitant. The extract is neutralized prior to solid-phase extraction (SPE) clean-up with a weak cation exchange cartridge followed by elution with acidic methanol. The methanolic extract is evaporated and reconstituted in an aqueous ion-pair reagent followed by ion-pair reversed-phase liquid chromatography with detection by electrospray ion trap mass spectrometry. Confirmation is accomplished by comparison of retention time and full or partial scan MS/MS spectra with those of a fortified tissue standard and external standard respectively.
Applicable Concentration Range Applicable concentration range for muscle is: spectinomycin 250 µg kg-1 hygromycin 400 µg kg-1 streptomycin 400 µg kg-1 dihydrostreptomycin 400 µg kg-1 Amikacin 420 µg kg-1 kanamycin 400 µg kg-1 apramycin 100 µg kg-1 tobramycin 100 µg kg-1 gentamycin 100 µg kg-1 neomycin 100 µg kg-1
QC Requirements QC requirements are defined in the SOP.
Method Source USDA-FSIS
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