Veterinary Drugs Residue Methods


Category Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
Drug Class Name Flunixin, NSAID, a nicotinic acid derivative
Method Title Screening of Flunixin Residues by ELISA
Method Date 2011/03/10
Method Type Screening
Scope and Application This method can be used to screen for the presence of flunixin in bovine liver and muscle.
Method Summary Homogenized liver and muscle tissue samples are extracted by centrifugation using phosphate extraction buffer. Aliquots of the extracts are the analyzed on ELISA plates and the results read as optimum absorbance values at 630nm or 650nm on a Biotec Autoreader ELx 808.
Applicable Concentration Range Flunixin may be detected in bovine liver and muscle at the concentration levels of ≥ 50 µg kg -1 and ≥ 10 µg kg -1, respectively.
QC Requirements See attached SOP
Method Source USDA-FSIS
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