Veterinary Drugs Residue Methods


Category Compounds included in Annex IV to Council Regulation (EEC) No. 2377/90
Drug Class Name Nitrofurans (Furazolidone and Furaltadone) and their metabolites AOZ and AMOZ
Method Title Screening and Confirmation of Nitrofuran Metabolites by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Method Date 2010/03/09
Method Type Screening, Confirmatory
Scope and Application The method is suitable for screening and confirming the presence of nitrofuran metabolites (3-amino-2-oxazolidinone (AOZ) and 3-amino-5-morpholinomethyl-2- oxazolidinone (AMOZ)) in bovine, porcine, and avian liver as well as catfish muscle.
Method Summary Homogenized tissue is extracted repeatedly by centrifugation first in methanol and water and then ethanol. A mixture of deionized water, HCl, 2- nitrobenzaldehyde solution in DMSO is added to the extract and vortexed. After incubation at 35 - 39 degree celcius for 16 hours, another mixture of 0.1M K2HPO4, NaOH, and EtOAc are added followed by vortexing and centrifugation. The EtOAc layer is then evaporated to dryness and the residue reconstituted in water before pressing through a 0.45 micrometer nylon Uniprep filter followed by analysis by LC/MS/MS in positive ESI MRM mode.
Applicable Concentration Range Nitrofuran metabolites AOZ and AMOZ may be detected/quantified in bovine, porcine, and avian liver as well as catfish muscle at the concentration levels of ≥ 5 µg kg-1 and 1 µg kg-1, respectively.
QC Requirements See attached SOP
Method Source USDA-FSIS
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