Veterinary Drugs Residue Methods


Category Antibacterial substances, including sulfonamides and quinolones
Drug Class Name Novobiocin and Virginiamycin, Antibiotics
Method Title Novobiocin and Virginiamycin
Method Date 1991/07/01
Method Type Screening, Quantitative
Scope and Application This method is applicable for analysis screening of the antibiotic Novobiocin and Virginiamycin in bovine, porcine, and avian liver, muscle, or kidney tissue.
Method Summary The analytes are extracted by centrifugation of homogenized tissue (bovine, porcine, and avian liver, muscle, or kidney tissue) in methanol. An aliquot (1 mL) of methanol is filtered using a 0.2 micrometer syringe filter for HPLC analysis of novobiocin. Using a second methanol aliquot (6 mL), viriginiamicin is extracted into dichloromethane. Petroleum ether added along with 0.2M NH4H P04, is used to remove unwanted organic matrix in the second aliquot. Both antibiotics are determined by a single gradient elution HPLC analysis. Analyte separation is achieved using LC-18-DB reversed phase analytical column.
Applicable Concentration Range Novobiocin and Virginiamycin may be detected at ≥ 500 µg kg-1 and ≥ 100 µg kg-1 concentration levels respectively, in bovine, porcine, and avian liver, muscle, or kidney tissue. The quantification levels are ≥ 1000 µg kg-1 (Novobiocin) and ≥ 200 µg kg-1 (Virginiamycin).
QC Requirements See attached SOP
Method Source USDA-FSIS
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