Veterinary Drugs Residue Methods


Category Anthelminthics
Drug Class Name Anthelmintics
Method Title Determination of anthelmintic residues in beef by LC-MS/MS
Method Date 2009/09/18
Method Type Screening, Confirmatory, Quantitative
Scope and Application This procedure is suitable for screening/confirming presence of residues of multiple veterinary anthelmintics in animal tissue especially beef
Method Summary Samples are prepared using a modified QuEChERS method. Extraction is done by shaking in acetonitrile, MgSO4 and NaCl before being cleaned up by dispersive solid phase extraction, using C18 material and MgSO4. The extract is concentrated and filtered before analysis of the anthelmintic residues using an LC-MS/MS. A reverse phase C18 Atlantis analytical column was used and residues are quantified using deuterated internal standards added to the sample before extraction.
Applicable Concentration Range The following concentration levels can be reliably quantified: Albendazole (2.5µg kg-1), albendazole sulphoxide (10µg kg-1), albendazole sulphone (10µg kg-1), albendazole amino sulphone (10µg kg-1), closantel (1µg kg-1), eprinomectin (5µg kg-1), morantel (2.5µg kg-1), oxyclozanide (5µg kg-1), clorsulon (10µg kg-1), bithionol (5µg kg-1), abamectin (5µg kg-1), emamectin (1µg kg-1), doramectin (5µg kg-1), ivermectin (5µg kg-1), cambendazole (2.5µg kg-1), fenbendazole (1µg kg-1), fenbendazole-sulphone (2.5µg kg-1), oxfendazole (fenbendazole-sulphoxide) (2.5µg kg-1), flubendazole (1µg kg-1), amino-flubendazole (2.5µg kg-1), hydroxy-flubendazole (2.5µg kg-1), mebendazole (1µg kg-1), amino-mebendazole (5µg kg-1), hydroxy-mebendazole (1µg kg-1), oxibendazole (1µg kg-1), thiabendazole (5µg kg-1), 5-hydroxy-thiabendazole (10µg kg-1), coumaphos (5µg kg-1), coumaphos-oxon (2.5µg kg-1), haloxon (5µg kg-1), nitroxynil (5µg kg-1), triclabendazole (5µg kg-1), triclabendazole-sulphone (5µg kg-1), triclabendazole-sulphoxide (5µg kg-1), levamisole (2.5µg kg -1), niclozamide (2.5µg kg-1), rafoxanide (1µg kg-1), moxidectin (20 µg kg-1).
QC Requirements Defined in the attached SOP
Method Source IAEA/FAO
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